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Published On: 21 Feb 2023

Love into Action!

Happy ‘Love Month’ from the team at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital! Our amazing Koala Advocate Lynn Gilmartin is spreading the love alongside her son Bodhi. We’re so grateful to be giving Koalas a voice this month. We know the whole world loves Koalas…but love isn’t enough, we have to turn that love into action!

Lynn and her family took action by donating at our recent fundraising Gala dinner. This donation goes towards naming a Koala joey at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which supports the Sanctuary and Hospital’s Conservation and Research Projects.

Now that Koalas are endangered, Lynn and her family are doing everything they can to make a difference. It was a delightful moment witnessing young Bodhi meeting Bodhi the Koala for the first time at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Koala Nursery.

It’s important for Lynn that Bodhi grows up with Koalas in the wild, and unfortunately due to various threats to the species, that is not guaranteed. Koalas may become extinct in large areas of Eastern Australia as early as 2050 without intervention. We cannot imagine this country without Australia’s most iconic animal, so please give generously this ‘Love Month’.

Koalas face many threats in the wild including disease, habitat destruction, vehicle strikes, dog attacks, bushfires and more. In 2008, the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital admitted just 27 Koalas and now the team are admitting almost 400 Koalas per year.

Chlamydia is now the leading cause of death in Koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. It costs an average of $7000 and 6 weeks of treatment to save a Koala from this disease. Fortunately, thanks to your donations, our team is working around the clock to put an end to this deadly disease.

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital team have now vaccinated 250 local Koalas as part our Koala Chlamydia Vaccine Research Program, led by Senior Vet Dr Michael Pyne. Dr Pyne has been working closely with the Queensland University of Technology to develop and apply a vaccine to protect Koalas against chlamydia.

Our vet team are tracking 29 Koalas in the wild and there have been 12 joeys born to females that are part of the program. Stay tuned for more updates…

Please help us make a change that the whole world will appreciate. Save koalas today!

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