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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Conservation team are the first in the world to successfully breed a Taudactylus species in captivity.

The Kroombit Tinkerfrog (Taudactylus pleione) is listed as critically endangered and there are potentially less than 150 in existence. Kroombit Tinkerfrog populations are affected by habitat degradation caused by introduced pest species and bush fires, however, the amphibian chytrid fungus is likely to be the most significant factor in the decline of this species.

In early 2023, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Conservation team, along with a team from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, were proud to release their first captive-bred Kroombit Tinkerfrogs into the wild.

The Frog Lab at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is literally saving the frog species. Although we need your help to keep the tadpoles, froglets and founding frogs alive. You can help by donating or purchasing one of these much needed wish list items:

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