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Published On: 19 Sep 2018

Come face-to-face with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Lost Valley


Rare encounters, intimate experiences and ancient wonders

Spanning five acres of abundant rainforest, and home to a fascinating collection of the world’s most unique birds, mammals and reptiles (some of which are critically endangered), Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Lost Valley is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem experience.

Showcasing over 300 species of plants and animals that once co-existed when the earth’s landform was one – that being the ancient supercontinent Gondwana – it’s here that visitors can discover the fascinating faces who call this regeneration of our forgotten prehistoric world, home… 

With an exciting line up of new encounters and rare experiences launching this September, as well as some fresh faces to meet, isn’t it time you experienced Lost Valley? 

Get curious with the Capybara crew 

Is it a huge guinea pig? Is it a water wombat? Is it an incredibly hairy baby hippopotamus?! Nope. That friends, is a South American Capybara – the largest rodent in the world! 

Standing up to 50cm tall and weighing 70kgs when fully grown, while also being extremely agile in water and on land – we’re talking 35km per hour – these super-rodents (eek!) may frighten at first. But don’t judge a book by its cover!  Capybaras are actually very friendly, and have even be known to spend time hanging out with other species like monkeys and birds.

Curious to know more? We thought so! Be one of the first to book an encounter with the Capybara crew from 18 September to get up close and personal, learn a little more about these quirky creatures, and give them a good ol’ scratch on the head (they love it!). 


Chit-chat with a Cotton-Top Tamarin

With a vocal repertoire of over 38 distinct sounds and calls, Cotton-top Tamarins love to talk, talk, talk – so don’t be shy when you meet these perky little primates, they certainly won’t be! 

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s three adorable tamarin boys, Toro, Arami and Pablo, live on the fringes of the Lost Valley amongst wild forestry, with plentiful fruits and insects to feed on. Inquisitive and sociable by nature, it’s not unlike these little monkeys to swing down and say hello to their visitors! 

With massive personalities and wild crests of hair to match, guests of the Lost Valley are guaranteed to be charmed by the tamarin trio, and can even book an encounter to make the experience all the more special! 


Keep your eyes peeled for the Red Panda

Keep your eyes peeled for the Red Panda

Unlike his playful tamarin neighbours, the Lost Valley’s resident Red Panda, Momo, is a little more on the shy side! He loves to keep to himself, high up in the treetops of the Lost Valley where he can enjoy munching on leaves, bamboo and berries in peace. #DoNotDisturb 

Native to the mountains of Nepal, China and Bhutan, Red Pandas are highly elusive nocturnal mammals that are happiest when they’re wrapped-up in their big furry tails and enjoying a deep sleep in the canopies. Because of this, Momo can sometimes be a little tricky to spot during the day, but if you keep your voice to a whisper and your eyes peeled, we’re sure you’ll snatch a glimpse of him – just look for that stunning auburn fur coat! 

Laugh along with the Lemurs

Who doesn’t LOVE a lemur (hello Madagascar!)? They’re the hilariously quirky, undeniably egotistical and oh-so-cheeky little primates that we simply can’t stop smiling at. 

Having recently welcomed two new lemur brothers to our family, Sunni and Katta, the Lost Valley is now home to four lovable Ring-tailed Lemurs. Andro, Vintana and the brothers all get along like a house on fire – but be sure to keep an eye out for Sunni, he’s pretty sassy and has been establishing himself as the ‘King Julien’ of the troop! #MoveIt! 

Our tip is to catch these guys in the morning or afternoon when they’re lapping up the sunshine with their arms outstretched – yes, it’s true they love to sunbake! 

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Lost Valley is open from 10.00am – 3.00pm daily (with a short lemur lunch break from 12.30 – 1.30pm), and entry is included in general admission tickets. 


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