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Bilby Conservation

The Queensland wild bilby population is listed as endangered with an estimation of between 400 and 600 animals. It is scattered over 100, in far Western Queensland. This population is the most threatened population of bilbies in Australia.

Bilbies are a threatened species and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is part of a National Bilby breeding program in collaboration with Save the Bilby Foundation. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has had good success breeding bilbies as part of this program and has been able to breed bilby twins on multiple occasions.

This will help ensure that there is captive insurance population to help save these creatures from extinction. For more information on how you can help the Bilby, visit Save the Bilby Fund.

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The reason for decline of this beautiful species is due to habitat destruction and feral species such as fox’s and cats.


Additional Facts

The Bilbies that we have at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary are referred to as the Greater Bilby. The Lesser Bilby became extinct in the 1950’s; the Greater Bilby is the only remaining species of Bilby.