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Published On: 08 Aug 2023

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary celebrates International Owl Awareness Day!


August 4 was International Owl Awareness Day!

There are around 250 different Owl species found throughout the world and Australia is home to 11 of them.

Owls can be found in every single state and territory across our vast nation.
An owls hearing is one of its many exceptional adaptations.
Did you know some have lopsided ears, allowing them to triangulate sound? 
Equipped with the power of silent flight, these birds can approach their prey undetected and then with the exceptional use of their powerful talons, they can take down their unsuspecting prey.
As a skilled hunter of the day and the night, Owls have earned their place as one of the most powerful predators in our Australian skies.
Owls, like many other species rely on tree hollows in the wild and providing them with a nest box in your back yard is a great way to help out our native wildlife.
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to multiple species of owl and these can be seen daily in our Wild Skies Free flight bird show!