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Coxen's Fig Parrot Conservation

The Coxen’s Fig-parrot is listed as endangered and is one of Australia’s most endangered parrots. Its population levels may be very low but the Double-eyed Fig-parrot is by no means extinct; as several confirmed records exist and credible sightings continue to be reported.

Over the last 20 years, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has worked closely with the Macleay’s Fig-parrot to establish breeding and husbandry protocols that will be used if the Coxen’s Fig-parrot returns to captivity. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary staff has spent time 'in the field' helping to conduct research for this species. This will help us to better understand the habits of this cryptic, fast-flying bird.


These little parrots got their common name from their diet. They predominantly feed on figs. They also enjoy berries, seeds, nectar, insects and larvae.


Additional Facts

The Coxen’s Fig-parrot is endangered due to fragmentation of its habitat and the loss of forests where figs grow.