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Meet a koala 

Queensland is lucky enough to be one of two states in Australia which offers koala holds! This makes it one of the most iconic (and super cute) animal experiences in the world. Souvenir your visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in the form of a professional photo of you meeting a koala. Our photographers and Koala Keepers will ensure that this moment will be memorable. If you have more than one family member wanting to hold a koala, take advantage of the Family Koala Pack. Koala Photos Studio is open from 8am to 3pm meaning you can hold a koala ANY TIME of the day! There is no other place in Australia where you will encounter a koala like you can at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.



Name: Koala Photo

Days Available: Everyday*

Time: 8am to 3pm* - No booking necessary

Price: $25 for a single photo which can include one person or a group with only one person holding the koala. Purchased in park from Koala Photos map location F14

*Subject to change

Terms & Conditions

Includes single professional photo which can include one person or a group with only one person holding the koala.
- Child koala holding criteria -
Height - children must be over 140cm and 12 years old to hold a koala
Size of koala - each koala we use will vary in size and a child may be able to hold even filling this criteria, it will be assessed on a case by case scenario always putting koala welfare first.
Confidence of the child - handlers need to be able to see that the child is confident and willing to hold the koala without being pushed and is not being forced by a parent or friend to do so.
It is at the Koala keeper’s discretion as to whether the child and koala are suitable for meeting the holding criteria.
Behavioural traits and history of the koala – certain koalas do not have the personality, experience and confidence around children and are not suitable for children holding or attempting to hold. These animals may or may not have a history of being fidgety, reaching up, gripping too tightly or just generally not being a suitable choice for small children’s photographs.

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