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Published On: 16 Apr 2024

Get to know the residents of The Lost Valley!

Did you know our Capybaras are elegant swimmers and our Binturong likes to devour tropical fruit? Yes, we love our beautiful Lost Valley residents and the quirky characters that they are! Read on to meet them all.


Pasang is the oldest Red Panda in Australia at 18 years of age. He joined the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary family in 2019. He likes to watch his keepers cleaning his enclosure with an eagle eye, ensuring it is done to the highest standard! Pasang is a fussy eater, he loves a hard-boiled egg and fig on his breakfast plate.

Momo arrived at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as a very shy 2 year old Red Panda in 2017. Over the years, keepers have developed a trusting relationship with Momo, resulting in an easy going and sweet natured animal. Momo is now 9 years old and loves munching on fruit pieces, especially pears and strawberries.


Andro (9 years old) and Vinnie (8 years old) were the first lemurs to call Lost Valley home in 2017 from Perth Zoo, followed by Katta (18 years old) and Sunni (14 years old) in 2018, from Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. The 4 can be seen exploring and sunning themselves in the walk-through aviary at Lost Valley.

All 4 are very different in their personalities:

Vinnie – very playful and loves to snuggle

Andro – More calculating and strategic in his approach/interactions

Katta – Stays out of the political nitty gritty, generally likes his keep to himself (doesn't like photos as you can see)

Sunni – The peacemaker of the group, also likes to snuggle


A solitary and shy binturong, whose popcorn-like aroma fills our nostrils as soon as we enter her habitat in the morning. Enam loves to devour fruit chunks, especially mango, juicy peaches and nectarines, dragon fruit and melons.

Enam joined the Lost Valley family in 2019, an incredibly shy 1 ½ year old female and now at the age of 6, she can be seen using her amazing prehensile tail, confidently navigating the ropes and structures in her habitat.


Brothers, Toro, Arami and Pablo arrived to Lost Valley in 2017 from Symbio Wildlife Park. They are a very curious and dynamic trio, always playing and exploring their habitat and love pulling crunchy leaves and bugs through the gaps in the roof.

Toro is the oldest brother at 14 years of age, and is definitely “the responsible one” always making sure his brothers are safe. Arami is the middle child (13 years) and is very confident and always keen for a snack (or two). Pablo (11 years) is the carefree little brother who loves to engage in fun enrichment toys and activities.

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Jerry, Elaine and George are all 6 years old and can be seen swimming in their pools or lounging on the warm sand. They are surprisingly graceful swimmers with the aid of handy partially webbed toes and the ability to hold their breath for 5 minutes under water!

Jerry is the only male and the dominant member of the group. He will casually nudge keepers in the legs for scratches, puff out like a toilet brush with delight and roll over to expose his belly for some attention as well.

George and Elaine are both females and although love a scratch, also LOVE their food! They can be seen crunching on crisp silverbeet leaves, broccoli, zucchini, squash, pumpkin and sweet potato at meal times.

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Belson, the Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo is 15 years old and came into care after an injury in the wild. Belson is an easy going but territorial animal, always investigating any new sounds, sights and smells in and around his habitat. He is a joy to watch as he uses his powerful forelimbs, claws and incredible balance to explore his habitat. Like wild tree-kangaroos, Belson will jump from quite a height and straight to the ground with absolutely no effort!

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