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Published On: 19 Aug 2021

Koala Chlamydia Vaccine Research Program

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital started vaccinating Koalas against chlamydia before releasing them into the wild in 2020. This work to prevent Koala chlamydia is crucial to their survival.

Koala chlamydia is a significant issue for the species' future, with 60% of our Koala admissions attributed to this devastating disease, a figure that unfortunately continues to rise each year.

Koala Chlamydia.jpeg

Chlamydia can present in Koalas in two ways. One form is clinical, which presents itself as severe conjunctivitis that can lead to blindness. Our vets prefer this type of chlamydia as it's much more treatable. The other form of chlamydia is subclinical, meaning it's below the surface and may not have any visual symptoms. This form of chlamydia is usually sexually transmitted and is challenging to treat as it can often lead to kidney failure.

We are still in the early stages of the research program, and this is a costly exercise, so we need your help.