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Published On: 03 Aug 2021


Meet Nugz

The One-eyed Koala on a mission to Share an Important Conservation Message



One of the lucky ones…

Nugz the Koala was just 14 months old when he was hit by car while riding on his mum’s back. He was treated for a fractured skull. While he lost an eye, he escaped with his life. Sadly, his mum wasn’t so lucky.

Nugz is one of the fortunate ones. Last year alone, almost 600 Koalas came through Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

A tough decision…

While most sick and injured Koalas eventually recover and head home, it is not always possible for them to be re-introduced into the wild. Nugz is one of the few who must remain in captivity. Because he only has one eye, vets worried that he would be in danger, and after a careful decision-making process, Nugz was sent to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to Koala Specialist and Mammal Supervisor Sarah Eccleston, “We’re very, very lucky here at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to have our amazing Wildlife Hospital. So, for Nugz, that was his best option, to come here where he has amazing care 24/7.”

Now three years old, Nugz is settling into his new home, and is much-loved by his human companions. Very soon, visitors will be able to meet him when he joins his fellow Koalas who reside at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sarah says, Nugz is doing what Nugz does best. He’s eating, he’s sleeping, just what a Koala should be doing. He likes my attention, but he doesn’t like to let me know that he does.

Nugz’s conservation message…

Koala conservation starts with you! Here are some easy ways that you can look after the Koalas that live alongside us, and ensure they can thrive in the wild for generations to come:

  1. Drive slowly when in Koala habitat and around bushland
  2. Ensure your pets are locked in at night
  3. Protect Koala habitats
  4. Keep an eye out for injured or sick wildlife


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