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Support Nature, Wildlife and our Heritage

The National Trust of Australia (QLD) plays a leading role in the protection of wildlife, conservation, and heritage. Many of the animals and sites we love would not exist today without the National Trust of Australia (QLD).

You can make a difference by donating and supporting our efforts. Help an area of conservation you care about; support nature & wildlife, protect our buildings and collections. Donate to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, their life saving work and their ground-breaking research programs.

Your support will help conserve and advance our natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Conservation

Support Nature & Wildlife

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Currumbin Wildlife Conservation

Extinction is forever; but we still have time.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary currently has 15 Conservation projects underway to save species like Koalas, Kroombit Tinkerfrogs and Eastern Bristlebirds from becoming extinct.

The importance of captive breeding programs for endangered Australian species cannot be understated. It is often the last piece of hope to save animals from extinction because once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Donate today to support Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s Conservation programs. Your gift will help ensure the survival of endangered species so that future generations can enjoy them too, not just read about them in history books.

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About Garima Conservation Reserve

Eucalyptus Plantations

National Trust of Australia (QLD) maintains four Eucalyptus plantations of varying sizes that are harvested daily by a team of dedicated gum-cutters. These plantations provide ideal dietary requirements for healthy Koalas cared for in the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as sick and injured Koalas cared for at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

There are 24 different species of eucalypts among the 20,000 trees growing in the plantations, all crucial to the survival of the Koala species as wild eucalypt habitat continues to shrink due to urban development, bushfires and other environmental pressures.

Each plantation requires quality care to ensure they remain healthy and sustainable into the future. National Trust of Australia (QLD) is always looking for suitable land to establish additional plantations as the number of Koalas needing our care continues to grow. Due to constant harvesting, these trees have a limited lifespan.

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Eucalyptus Plantations

Koala Plantations Video

National Trust of Australia (Queensland) Heritage

Protect Our Heritage Buildings and Collections

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All National Trust of Australia (QLD) properties and historical buildings have important stories to tell. The National Trust of Australia (QLD) is committed to building conservation works that are managed with great historic integrity, to ensure historical sites are preserved for generations to come.

Visiting heritage places and historical landmarks gives people a perspective on how life used to be, as well as an appreciation of the struggles and challenges people faced in the past.

Built heritage helps develop a deep understanding of identity and place through the unique architecture in Queensland's cities and towns.

Donate today to protect Queensland's’ heritage buildings and the history they represent.

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Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Help Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Save Lives

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Leading the Way in Research

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital has been a leader in wildlife research for many years and is involved in a variety of important projects that foster the understanding of Australia's unique wildlife species. Only through understanding and knowledge can we truly hope to save Australia’s vulnerable species.

In 2020, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital launched the Koala vaccine research program and is now vaccinating all Koala patients against chlamydia prior to their release back into the wild, signifying a major milestone for the protection of koalas.

Help Currumbin Wildlife Hospital continue to save thousands of wildlife patients and continue their pivotal research to save our precious wildlife.

Together we can make a difference to save our wildlife. Donate Today.

Treat, Rehabilitate and Release

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world. It treated over 14,481 sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife patients last year alone! Our aim is to treat, rehabilitate and release these patients back into the wild but we believe prevention is always better than cure.

As a service that is provided free of charge to the community, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital rely on generous donations to keep the hospital doors open. The average cost of a Koala patient is $7000 and the average patient, from birds to turtles, costs $120 to treat.

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