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Wild Adventurers Junior (5 - 8 year olds)

HALF DAY 9am - 12pm

(Registration from 8.15am)

$34.50 per child

A new half day experience for our youngest Adventurers!


Monday 8th April - Radiant Reptiles and Amazing Amphibians

To some, they’re a nightmare, but let the Nature Ed Team show participants how intriguing our scaled and hopping species are.

Participants will get up close to some of the reptiles and amphibians that call Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary home, learning about their adaptations and what makes them vital to our environment.


Tuesday 9th April: Birds are Beautiful

Most fly, some walk and run…all of our feathered friends here at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary are unique and have adapted to thrive in their habitat.

Participants will get up close to many of the bird species here at the Sanctuary, learning about the species and what they can do at home to encourage a feathered friend visit.


Wednesday 10th April: Magic Mammals

Is it a placental? Is it a marsupial? Is it a monotreme? Although Australia is best known for our marsupials, we have representatives from each type.

Participants will come face to face with some of our iconic mammals, as well as some of our lesser known species.


Thursday 11th April: Thinking of Threatened Animals

Sadly threatened species are part of the natural landscape, with the plight of most attributed to human behaviour and decisions.

Participants will meet some well known threatened species found here at the Sanctuary and some lesser known threatened species, yet equally important.

Upon leaving the Sanctuary, participants will be able to exercise knowledge they’ve acquired to help threatened species.


Friday the 12th April - The Exotics: Animals from Afar

Whilst we love our native animals, at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary we also love our wildlife cousins from other corners of the globe.

Participants will get up close to our exotic animals, discover the similarities and differences between our own native animals and learn that conservation is more than just an Australian issue…it’s a global one!